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Why Should You Cycle to Work More Often?


Unless you’re lucky enough to work from home, commuting is a necessary evil.

Whether you spend hours stuck in traffic, struggle to find a seat on the subway, or have to run for the bus every morning, the end result is usually the same:

Commuting just isn’t fun.

Of course, modern technology makes it a little more bearable. Being able to watch an episode of your favorite sitcom or part of a movie helps to pass the time, but isn’t there a way to bypass that long, frustrating journey?

Yes – cycling!

Riding your bike to work offers numerous benefits, both physical and mental. As long as you live within a comfortable range of your workplace, cycling to your job could transform your daily life.

Even if you can’t ride in every day, a few times each week makes all the difference.




You’ll Have More Fun


Riding a bike is always going to be more interactive, more engaging, and more fun than sitting on a train or bus.

Remember how much fun you used to have cycling as a kid? The sense of freedom you had with those two wheels under you?

Well, you can rediscover that now, as you ride past all of those unfortunate people trapped in their cars and buses, weaving between traffic as you cut minutes off your commute.

You can use any extra time you make to stop in at a bakery and pick up a snack, or just stay in bed a little longer.



You’ll Lose Weight


If you start cycling to work, even just a couple of times a week, you’ll be burning more calories than usual.

How many exactly? This varies for everyone, based on your weight etc. However, on average, someone weighing around 180lb burns close to 650 calories for every hour they cycle at a moderate speed.

While hopping onto the saddle first thing in the morning can feel like a chore, that exercise at the end of a long, hard day will also start to be a relief. You’ll get to loosen up, go home feeling more limber, and possibly have more energy for your evening.


Your Brain will Get a Workout too


We know cycling to work will keep you feeling energized and encourage weight-loss, but what about the cognitive benefits?

Exercise has been shown to give you a sharper memory, enhance your learning capabilities, and boost your general cerebral performance.

This is a great way to start the day, and will help to set you up for whatever tasks lie ahead.




You’ll Save Money


Not only can biking to work improve your fitness and brain-power, it can also save you money.

Even if your bike has a significant price attached to it, this is only a one-off investment. Sure, you may have to buy a new tire once in a while, but think how much cash you’ll save without having to pay for gas and insurance week after week.

You’ll also have no need to buy subway tickets or pay for bus fares.

Even just a few times a week, riding your bike to work can make a significant impact on your wallet.


Feeling convinced? Good. Cycling to work could help to bring more joy, activity, and free time to your daily life.

At Adamant Gear, we stock exceptional bikes made with only the finest components, guaranteeing outstanding performance – perfect for all commutes, whether you’re just riding a few blocks or crossing the city at rush-hour.