Adamant Gear

About Adamant

You live life on your terms. Full throttle and to the max. No compromises. Nothing can stand in your way. Adamant gets that and gets that you need outstanding gear with you on every step of your adventure.

Alpine skiing. Snowshoeing deep in the backcountry. Extreme mountaineering and bouldering. If a cycling trip involves cross-country events or if the Ironman competition is something you do for fun, you’re Adamant about your extreme sports.

That’s the foundation for Adamant.

A passion for adventure is evident in everything Adamant designs. A love of rugged and beautiful places inspires our tried-and-true collection – ready for your next adventure.

From rappelling and belaying gear to multi-day backpacking needs, Adamant has everything you need so you can focus on the journey and not your equipment. Adamant gear is designed to last longer and go farther so that nothing stands in your way.

Go on—hit the trail. Or begin your ascent. Adamant has your back.