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Expert Tips to Help You Become a Better Mountain Biker


Mountain biking is one of the most popular ways to stay fit, see some amazing sights, and challenge yourself.

Time on your bike is precious, so you have to make the most of it – and even seasoned riders can learn new techniques and skills to get more out of their favorite sport.

Here in the beautiful USA, mountain bikers are blessed with many stunning trails and spots to enjoy. The better you handle your wheels, the safer and happier you will be.

Intrigued? Join us as we look at four expert tips to make you a better biker.


Take a Stance


When you’re riding your mountain bike, it’s natural to want to stay seated. This makes sense on flat terrain with a smooth surface, but what about when you’re on rougher ground?

Stand up, supporting yourself on your pedals, and bend your knees slightly.

Remember to lean forward a little, and keep your elbows bent, forming a tight, secure posture.

By adopting a stance rather than sitting, you’ll absorb any bumps much easier, reinforcing your safety on tough descents.



Approach Corners like a Pro


Take a corner the wrong way, and you can cost yourself time in a race, let alone risk a dismount.

What’s the best cornering technique then? Don’t leave your feet at the same level on the pedals.

Instead, let your foot on the outside drop to the bottom and lift the inside foot higher. This drives your weight into the corner for a smoother, more solid movement.


Focus, Focus, Focus


The more experienced you become at any sport, the easier it is to be complacent.

However, with mountain biking, a lack of focus is a risk to your health as well as your performance. One bad corner or slip, and you may get pretty banged up. Pay attention to where you’re going: let your eyes guide you, and your responses will be much sharper.

Don’t let yourself become distracted by your fellow riders, or how good you might look while pulling off a certain move. Keep your eyes on the trail, obstacle, or trick ahead of you.



Brake Smoothly, Brake Evenly


You need to master your brakes to stay safe and in control while riding. Though most of your brakes’ power is based in the front one, squeezing this too hard and fast can put you in a slightly unstable position (namely, on the ground).

When applying your brakes, do so smoothly. Squeeze them lightly, slowly. Pay equal attention to the front and back brakes to avoid skids.

When coming to a sudden stop, be sure to let your heels drop, bend at your elbows and knees, and shift your hips back. This helps you stay in control and keeps you in a stable position should you be on rough terrain.


Mountain biking should be fun and exciting, but always exercise caution and use the right equipment. At Adamant Gear, we stock high-performance mountain bikes crafted with the toughest, most durable components for the safest, most secure, most satisfying ride.