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Great Outdoor Adventures

It would do everybody some good to get out in nature and just appreciate the limitless beauty that surrounds us.  Mountaineering is now a popular pastime.  It helps to appreciate the little things in life such as all the gorgeous landscape and scenery that nature provides us without charging a penny. With great mountain trails in the US and across the globe you learn how to spend a safe, exciting and rewarding day in the mountains!
Take full advantage of breathtaking beauty and scenery that will rejuvenate and revitalize everyone at a real deal.  Spread your legs and soar your wings over an incredible landscape that looks like something out of the movies.  Enjoy the open landscape.
Here are a couple of places for great outdoor adventures, remember to check out Adamant for the latest outdoor gear and equipment, get everything you need from backpacks and jackets to all your sporting goods.  

Located in the North Cascades Mountains of Washington State rises Desolation Peak. The push to the summit rewards hikers with stunning views of the North Cascades range and offers those with a penchant for literature a special treat. On top of Desolation Peak sits a fire tower where famed Beat Generation author Jack Kerouac (On the Road, The Dharma Bums) lived for a summer while serving as a fire lookout. He chronicled his experiences here in the novel Desolation Angels. If it's good enough for the great Jack, you know it's good.
Enjoy an amazing experience at Camp Sleepy Hollow, located at the heart of North Georgia, the beautiful scenery is an ideal getaway for families and groups.  Escape all the hassles of modern day living and immerse yourself back in nature.  It’s a wonderful chance to return back to one’s primitive origins.  Imagine escaping from the restraints of cubicles and the modern day business world for an adventure back into nature.  It offers the opportunity for so many activities.  Not only are you taking in the beautiful scenery surrounded by mountains, gorgeous lakes and wandering streams, but also the people are also very inviting and amiable.  The staff is also there to assist you in any way whatsoever, they are there to ensure you and your friends can make wonderful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.