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    Going to a mountain for a trek or some climbing is a beloved pastime of many outdoor enthusiasts. For them, there’s nothing better to replenish their energy than leaving all the smog and noise of civilization behind and setting for the mountains, to enjoy the remote beauty of the places where human hand didn’t install pavement for the human foot to walk on. Going on such a vacation from concrete is something anyone should do at least once in their lives, and of course, more than once for those who catch the outdoors bug. But just as mountaineering and trekking are activities very much worth the effort that goes into them, it should also be noted that those are activities that are performed in a setting that’s not always welcoming.

    The great outdoors are not something that will actively set out to kill you, but when it comes to safety, it is less safe than your home town. In the outdoors, there might not be cars to watch out for, or streets to cross, but there are stones, tree trunks and roots to trip over, cliffs to fall over, ground that can crumble beneath your feet or above your head, wildlife, and so on. And if that wasn’t enough, all of that waits for you in natural light, which means that when the sun goes down, it gets dark, and even more dangerous.

    In an effort to offset some of the dangers that are found in the great outdoors, companies like Adamant have started manufacturing strong, durable, protective gear that people who like to go mountaineering or trekking need to wear. Things like helmets, different layers of clothing with different properties, boots designed for mountain climbing or boots designed for trekking are only some of the gear that people who want to enjoy the outdoors.

    In fact, the amount of gear you have to wear outdoors depends on the type of activity you’re performing. But even if you don’t need a helmet, an ice pick or crampons, that doesn’t mean that the gear you do need to take with you should be anything but the best quality. Your shoes need to be sturdy and strong because the surface you’ll be walking on will be rough or it is very possible you’ll be trekking through water or in rainy conditions so they need to be waterproof, they need to have extraordinary ankle support in order to prevent injury, and so on. The layers of clothing you need to wear should be made to perform specific actions – the layer closest to your skin should conduct moisture away from it, the layer furthest from your skin should be waterproof so to stop moisture from passing to the layers beneath it.

    Having strong mountaineering gear is important because the gear you use in the great outdoors have to be able to withstand the wear and tear it will be subjected to in the harsh conditions. It should be strong because its strength is what will protect you, and keep protecting you for a long time.


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    Image Credit: Simon Carr, Creative Commons

    There are many occasions in everyday life when we chose to run instead of walk. For most of us, it’s usually when we’re late for something – a meeting, a bus, or a plane. If we get caught in the rain without an umbrella, we will run for cover. People who jaywalk might run or jog across the street. Running is what we do when we need to get somewhere quickly, and our feet are the only transportation mode that’s convenient or available. Some people, however, do it even if they don’t have to. Some people actually love running and jogging, and according to an incredible amount of studies, we should all love it.

    Running is an activity that provides people with an outstanding number of health benefits. The most obvious would be that running is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight. All of that fat burning happens because running is an aerobic exercise, which means that it produces energy from glucose or fat in the presence of air. The other type of workout is anaerobic, which means the energy is not produced in the presence of air, and it is what happens when training at high intensity. Even though anaerobic exercise is more efficient in spending calories, the intensity required for it means that it shouldn’t be done every day, as opposed to aerobic exercise, which is less intensive and can be performed every day.

    But losing fat is hardly the most important benefit of running. It has been long thought that running affects your knees in a bad way, that it causes damage to them. However, it turned out that running actually strengthens the knees, and increases bone density. The whole cardiovascular system gets stronger from running, and so do the lungs. Running prevents high blood pressure, and it has been linked to a reduced risk of cancer. It will actually help you live longer, even if you’re a smoker (actually, especially if you’re a smoker), or if you survived cancer.

    Running is beneficial for mental health and cognitive function as well. Any exercise you can perform regularly will make you feel happier, and there’s no better exercise to take up for a regular workout than running. You don’t even have to run every day – just 30 minutes of running, three times a week will improve your mood, ward off anxiety and depression, and improve the quality of your sleep. Does it mean that running is a cure for clinical depression? No. But it does mean that people who find themselves feeling blue or stressed out or anxious all of the time might try running as a way to help themselves.

    By improving metabolism and helping get all the good nutrients where they’re needed in the body at the time they’re needed, running can also improve brain functions like learning and memory. This is very important because, as we age, our mental faculties tend to work slower, and staying fit into an older age will reduce the rate of age-related mental decline. So why should we all start appreciating running more, if not downright loving it? Because it’s good for us in more way then one, and because it’s an easy exercise to do in an age when things that are harmful for us are more readily accessible to us than things that are not. So why not get a pair of Adamant running shoes, and do something good for yourself?


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  • Great Outdoor Adventures

    It would do everybody some good to get out in nature and just appreciate the limitless beauty that surrounds us.  Mountaineering is now a popular pastime.  It helps to appreciate the little things in life such as all the gorgeous landscape and scenery that nature provides us without charging a penny. With great mountain trails in the US and across the globe you learn how to spend a safe, exciting and rewarding day in the mountains!
    Take full advantage of breathtaking beauty and scenery that will rejuvenate and revitalize everyone at a real deal.  Spread your legs and soar your wings over an incredible landscape that looks like something out of the movies.  Enjoy the open landscape.
    Here are a couple of places for great outdoor adventures, remember to check out Adamant for the latest outdoor gear and equipment, get everything you need from backpacks and jackets to all your sporting goods.  

    Located in the North Cascades Mountains of Washington State rises Desolation Peak. The push to the summit rewards hikers with stunning views of the North Cascades range and offers those with a penchant for literature a special treat. On top of Desolation Peak sits a fire tower where famed Beat Generation author Jack Kerouac (On the Road, The Dharma Bums) lived for a summer while serving as a fire lookout. He chronicled his experiences here in the novel Desolation Angels. If it's good enough for the great Jack, you know it's good.
    Enjoy an amazing experience at Camp Sleepy Hollow, located at the heart of North Georgia, the beautiful scenery is an ideal getaway for families and groups.  Escape all the hassles of modern day living and immerse yourself back in nature.  It’s a wonderful chance to return back to one’s primitive origins.  Imagine escaping from the restraints of cubicles and the modern day business world for an adventure back into nature.  It offers the opportunity for so many activities.  Not only are you taking in the beautiful scenery surrounded by mountains, gorgeous lakes and wandering streams, but also the people are also very inviting and amiable.  The staff is also there to assist you in any way whatsoever, they are there to ensure you and your friends can make wonderful memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.  

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  • Sometimes, it’s important just to get away from it all. Say hello to beautiful lakes, streams and breathtaking scenery that will rejuvenate your spirits. When we seek to reconnect with nature, marvelous things happen. Don’t be surprised if you recharge your batteries camping and then manage to solve your real life problems. It has been proven that relaxing and recreation do wonders for your personal performance.

    Who can deny incredible beauty the nature. We are lucky to get beautiful lakes, streams and hills for optimal hiking. To fully appreciate the wonders of life in our planet, more families need to experience the wonders of nature. Camping offers the perfect opportunity for parents to introduce the joy and beauty of outdoor living to everyone. Before you hit the great outdoors, make sure you check out Adamant for all the latest hiking gear, equipment and other sporting goods you require.

    It's easy to say exactly why hiking is such a popular pastime in the U.S. It could be the accessibility; there are hundreds of major trails and countless marked and unmarked offshoots. It could be that getting started is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other, but challenging treks will keep even the most expert hiker on their toes. Here are three great US hiking trails;

    Long Trail, Jay Peak Long Trail North - the "footpath in the wilderness" was established in the early 1900s, making it the oldest long-distance trail in the United States. The whole of the trail spans from Massachusetts to the Canadian border, but trail expert Philip Werner suggests the Jay Peak section to hikers looking for the best part. It's rugged enough to keep any hiker interested, but the Jay Peak section is accommodating of beginners.
    Maine's renowned 100-Mile Wilderness is the longest part of the Appalachian Trail that never crosses a paved road. Lucky for northeastern hikers, the first 30 miles of this route showcase the trails best features. A somewhat rugged route, explorers can expect to encounter the Lower Wilson Falls, lush maple forests, rocky rushing rivers, and panoramic views of Maine's rustic backwoods.

    Mt. Tammany, Worthington State Forest, N.J. - this New Jersey mountain overlooks the Delaware Water Gap, providing spectacular views and a variety of trail options, all in eagle-watching territory. The main loop is only 3.5 miles long, but what it lacks in distance, it makes up for in slope. The shortest option on Mt. Tammany is listed at 1.5 miles, a manageable distance for any hiker.

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  • Hiking In The Great Outdoors

    Hiking has always been popular in the past few decades as outdoor enthusiasts and families alike head for the awesome trails and adventures in the great outdoors. Any opportunity to get out in the wonderful world of nature ought to be grabbed with both hands indeed. Hiking is the ideal opportunity for the entire family to get out from in front of TV screens and dare we say it - the video consoles. What better way to take full advantage of the world class entertainment and limitless bliss that Nature has to offer right in front of our eyes. People don't often stop to appreciate the terrific splendor of nature itself. Nature offers beautiful terrain, streams, hills and gorgeous mountains and trails for deep exploration.

    A family that hikes together also stays together. Let the little ones experience the great outdoors. It's also the ideal time to teach them how to survive in the wilderness. Camping is also great to teach kids about making the most of the great outdoors. Something miraculous about teaching your kids how to fend for themselves in the great outdoors, it sparks curiosity in their brain cells to explore the beautiful world around them. Reconnect with the family under breathtaking scenery. What better ambiance for bonding and creating lifelong memories. It’s important for families to enjoy these most cherished experiences, especially when the kids are young and still learning about the incredible beauty of life. Experiencing life in the great outdoors is something the kids can never learn in school or from reading books. There is no better experience than hands-on learning for oneself in nature. Parents are amazed at how rich and fulfilling the experience is for the kids who always beg to come back year after year. Life is meant for exploration especially for the young ones.

    Before you experience wild adventures in the great outdoors, it's important to have the right equipment that will handle everything Mother Nature throws your way. For the best quality hiking gear, back packs, and sporting clothes of any kind, check out Adamant for great specials. Whenever you hit the great outdoors, you need to prepare adequately for what may come your way. Having the right gear enhances the entire experience. The reverse is also true, not being adequately prepared could make for a very unpleasant encounter indeed. Expect the unexpected whenever you go hiking or for outdoor adventures. If you are heading out in the heart of winter, it's even more important that you prepare as best as possible. Warm clothing is essential during the cold months. Check out the latest water proof jackets and sporting clothes designed to keep you warm and flexible in your hikes. Your footwear is also very instrumental whenever you go hiking, you plan to be on your feet for a majority of time, wear comfortable shoes that contour with the shape of your feet. Foot comfort is essential to maintain good posture and balance in your hiking at all times ensuring you enjoy the entire experience from start to finish.

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