Adamant Gear

Adamant Expedient Foldable Storage Box

It’s a bane of any adventurer – the packing and unpacking ordeal. But the Adamant Expedient Foldable Storage Box makes light work of this normally arduous task, ensuring you’re ready to explore new terrain at a moment’s notice.

Simple to set up, this ultra-convenient transparent storage box offers a 360 degree view of all items, forgoing the need to spend precious adventuring minutes hunting frustratedly for items in the dark recesses of a backpack. A two-way opening (top and sides) provides ease of access, while the heavy duty reinforced bottom load bears like a boss. Four pulley wheels makes transporting a breeze, plus the recessed top groove delivers a secure and stable stackable functionality.

When you’re back home and unpacked after another successful expedition, the box requires minimal storage space, quickly folding down to a mere 2.95in.

Forget about packing hassles and get back to what you do best – tackling the great outdoors and forging paths undiscovered.


  • Material: High impact polystyrene and Polypropylene
  • Assembled size: 26.2in x x 14.7in
  • Weight: 8.05lb


  • Two way opening with top and side access
  • Heavy duty reinforced bottom for durable load-bearing
  • 360 degree transparency
  • 4 pulley wheels for easy transportation
  • Top groove to enable secure stacking
  • Easy to set up, store items and unpack
  • Minimal storage requirements when folded down (just 95in width)