Adamant Gear

Adamant - CarbonHead Double-Strength U-Lock & Steel Cable

Lock up your bike like a pro with the Adamant CarbonHead Double-Strength U-Lock & Steel Cable – secure, hard to break and simple to use. At only 830 grams, the CarbonHead packs in muscle; with a hardened steel housing – heat-treated to resist cutting, a high security brass cylinder and a 10mm shackle over-molded with easy-grip UV resistant silicon. The environmentally friendly silicon coating prevents the lock from scratching the bike. A smooth single-slide bracket makes it easy to mount the CarbonHead on almost any bike. Each lock comes with a 4.5mm high-tensile steel wire to secure your helmet, wheels and valuables, and a set of three rust-resistant copper keys.

Also included is a special waterproof holding case that straps onto the U-Lock – so both cable and lock are easy to stow when you’re cycling. No need to carry a heavy padlock and chain. Hop on your wheels and head off into the city, up high mountain tracks or epic bike holidays without a worry, the CarbonHead will keep your bike and gear safe, come rain or shine, on all your cycling adventures.


  • 10mm hardened steel shackle U-Lock resists bolt cutters and hand tools
  • 4.5mm high-tensile steel cable with end-loops
  • 1.18m (~3.8 feet) cable; reach and tether bike conveniently
  • Double strength lock defends against leverage attacks
  • Single slide mounting bracket
  • High security brass cylinder
  • Environmentally friendly silicon coating, protects against scratches
  • Waterproof dustcover; easy to carry lock while on the move, extends lock life
  • 3 rust-resistant copper keys
  • Dimensions: 10mm x 1950mm
  • U-Lock weight: 830 grams
  • Cable weight: 340 grams (excluding dustcover)