Adamant Gear

Adamant - MX Carbon Fiber All-Terrain Trekking Poles

Hike with ease over challenging terrains with the Adamant MX Carbon Fiber All-Terrain Trekking Poles, designed and built to provide firm support and stability whilst traversing across tough environments. Redistribute your pack weight, reduce impact on your knees and safely maneuver your way through loose gravel and steep inclines whilst continuing to set a steady pace.

Each pole has a sleek three-piece 100% carbon fiber shaft, adjustable with a quick telescopic lever quick-lock system that provides up to 28-inches of secure length adjustment within a lightweight, sleek and sturdy body. An ergonomic and moisture wicking grip tops each pole, complete with a padded strap for extra grappling strength, especially when trekking up a steep incline. Tungsten steel tips provide for the ultimate contact point in slippery and rocky conditions. A companion for all conditions, the Adamant MX Carbon Fiber All-Terrain Trekking Poles will see you through all your adventures.


  • 3-piece adjustable 100% carbon fiber shaft
  • Telescopic lever quick-lock system
  • Full length of 53.1-in (135cm); collapsible to 24.8-in (63cm)
  • Diameters in inches: upper shaft 0.63-in, middle shaft 0.55-in, lowest shaft 0.47-in
  • Diameters in mm: upper shaft 16mm, middle shaft 14mm, lowest shaft 12mm
  • Weight: 1.7lbs
  • Includes mesh-nylon carrying bag